A man from another time.

We started from this image to give Giannetto a precise identity. We have learned to recognize him through his confidence, his gestures, his values. Many people might think of him as a man of a bygone time, but instead we are dealing with a man who tells the time by remaining true to himself, and who shapes every day making precise choices that break the rules while always respecting them.

More than a man from another time, a man with other times. The times of precision, of care, and of obsessive interest in true quality. A perfect gentleman, able to enhance the traditions by placing them in a new light. Giannetto’s story is linked to a title that only time can confer. A nobility called experience. Accrued over the years, refined by the everyday, polished by mistakes, embellished by passion and tenacity.

Drawing, cutting, sewing, ironing. These are the gestures that time has elevated to ritual, and are phases of the artisan process that makes Gianetto style. There is no hurry, Giannetto knows the right moment is cultivated with patience. Giannetto’s ”Gentleman Traditions” is the result of this research. As a collection sewn on precise values: respect, authenticity, personality: From an upper floor and through the large windows a bright, vibrant light penetrates the room and beyond the glass a view of Portofino is clear.

At the center of this room is the protagonist of our story, the gentleman aware of his surroundings and of the details, respect for the time, ready to pass on these references to the future. A man, kind and refined, who observes fashions and interperets them building his own creative and stylistic identity. He loves luxury but it is whispered and reserved.

The Giannetto man is timeless. He appreciates life’s nuances and takes enjoyment in all it offers. The Giannetto man is not afraid of advancing years but takes them as a gift to be taken at full advantage. He knows the years are not a passing but rather the beginning of a renaissance.

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