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Happy 1979!
it was 1979,
in Mexico City Pietro Mennea made the world record in the 200 meters with the time of 19 ``72, in Japan is sold by Sony the first portable stereo player, the Walkman, on February 18th it snows for half an hour in the Sahara desert.
Riccardo Sansonne and his wife Nunzia decide to realize their dream: to create exclusive absolute high quality garments.
Ability, passion, fancy, attention to detail. This is how Sanfort was born.

giannetto portofino famiglia

Ambition and Love

It is a new beginning for the Sansonne family: putting manufacturing experience at the service of the new generations, to offer collections that are always up-to-date. Collaborations come with fashion brands.
Later the spouses created their first collections, giving life to an ambitious project, fueled by great firmness and love.

Passion and Research

A future vision of business passed on Vincenzo and Stefania, who since 2000 are an integral part of the family business, thanks to this Giannetto Portofino was born, Accrued over the years, refined by the everyday, polished by mistakes, embellished by passion and new ideas.
Giannetto Portofino is the result of a long research, a collection sewn on a precise value: respect, authenticity, personality.
All collections enhance innovation by placing tradition in a new light.
This insight today is considered to be appreciated in markets such as Japan, Italy, South Korea, the United States and many others.

artigianalita giannettoportofino


Giannetto's story is linked to a title that only time can confer. A nobility called experience.
Accrued over the years, refined by the everyday, polished by mistakes, embellished by passion and tenacity.
Drawing, cutting, sewing, ironing. These are the gestures that time has elevated to ritual, and are phases of the artisan process that makes Gianetto style. There is no hurry, Giannetto knows the right moment is cultivated with patience.

tradizione giannettoportofino


With a contemporary style, shaped by refinement and attention to detail, represent the leitmotif of our collections. Tradition combined with the highest quality materials are the keywords of each of our creations.

made in italy giannettoportofino

Made in Italy

Innovation and wonder make the world a better place. Inventiveness, passion, refinement, attention to detail. All absolutely Made in Italy.

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